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Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture can go a long way in a bathroom both to save space and clutter with storage, but also to make the room feel bigger by decluttering. The furniture range from Origins UK makes any room a contemporary masterpiece, with modern European influenced designs that feature smooth curves and very natural looking finishes.

A vanity unit with a basin, is a perfect space saver if the room doesnít have adequate space, with the basin and storage in one place is a perfect example of the contemporary minimalism of the Origins range. Many feature drawers built into the units and are soft close, adding to the peace and tranquillity of your new bathroom. The sapphire range emphasises these designs with a smooth, natural yet contemporary look, with a focus on bold, straight lines and sharp yet organic looking finishes.

Of course to further this space saving are the tall storage units, that you can mount to the wall. Possibly as close to a definition of minimalist as you can find in any bathroom, an almost deceptively simple design of a tall unit, they are split halfway with two doors and has a underrated amount of space inside, with plenty of space for towels, cleaning supplies and any other bathroom clutter that may take up space. The Origins range draws on the smooth, European design and the units are designed with the vanity units in mind to create a harmonious blend perfect for any bathroom.

The mirror is an often overlooked facet of the bathroom, but is used nearly every morning, and so investment in a top quality product here is more important than you might think. The Sapphire and Emerald ranges by Origins are very contemporary feeling mirrors with an almost pure clarity in reflection. They are enhanced with ambient LED lighting, that gives of a sharp yet gentle glow that allows you to really get that extra clarity, particularly when washing your face or grooming.

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