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Origins Toilet Suites

Ever since toilets were invented, they have become an indispensable part of our homes and form the basis of any modern bathroom. Manufacturers are always keen to make sure they embrace the latest in technology and design with some pans having an extended reach or extra height to better suit our current living styles. Advances in ceramic production have created a superlative smooth surface which can be coated to make for a more hygienic approach coupled with rimless design that only adds to its appeal.

The most popular toilet shape by far is still the traditional close coupled type where the cistern is fitted to the back of the pan. This style has many advantages, least of all accessibility to the syphon and flushing mechanism. Although the basic design has stayed the same for decades, the bright pinks and sombre pampas colours of the seventies are far behind us now with white being the universal colour.

Any bathroom refurbishment nowadays will very often feature the wall hung toilet with its hidden cistern mounted on a wall frame, discreetly out of site behind the bathroom wall. Similarly, the floor-mounted back-to-wall pan has a hidden cistern that will often be a dual flush model, bowing to the need for saving water and boosting its eco-credentials. A quality toilet suite from Origins is an investment that will last and with the backing of European investment and cutting edge quality components, we can help you translate your vision into reality.

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