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Wetroom Screens

The concept of the wetroom is a relatively new concept but has gained significant popularity in the last couple of years due to its relative ease of installation and modern clean lines. Providing a tangible barrier for overspray between the showering area and the rest of the bathroom floor, it makes sure you do not end up with a wet, slippery floor and keeps spray where it belongs.
The Amber range of wetroom panels are made from super strong 10mm glass which is currently the thickest available and has a durability that gives the impression of ultimate indulgence. A further enhancement for these deluxe panels is the inclusion of an Easi Clean glass coating that makes sure any dirt or water left clinging to its surface after showering simply runs off leaving a drip free shower area, less time spent cleaning has got to be a bonus.

Using only Origins’ panels it is possible to construct any combination of recess or corner installations and with sizes ranging from 300mm up to 1100mm you only need add the correct fittings to have it up and running in no time.

Another positive benefit of these show stopping panels is allowing easy access for wheelchair users or anyone with mobility restrictions. If installed in combination with a level access tray, they can be a real boon if you find standing in a normal tray unsettling or unstable.

Origins also offers curved screen and fixed screen options which come with all essential fittings as well as adjustable wall profiles which will keep your fitter happy. Shower screens from Origins: efficient space saving solutions coupled with extraordinary design potential.

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